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Group buy 6: Working on “cracking” the Mask Machine Puzzle

These are offers for close on Thursday at midnight EST (noon Friday China time)

We hope everyone had a good Buddha birthday and May Labour Day holiday. China is slowly getting back to work this week and we are offering a single type of product for this week.

But: Many other group buys are in the works for the coming weeks – such as more vendors with various mask offers – pre-production, inventory sharing in California, and more.

So this week, we are keeping things simple – well complex – but less quantity of offers:

Mask Making Machines

Have been requested from people all around the world, as they want to invest in their own manufacturing in their home country.

I can’t blame them for that!

So this week we will have the Loadpipe webinar focused on the machines and bringing on various factories and agents who know this product line well to answer questions and explain it.

Here are 2 machines from a factory we have a connection with and someone who can go visit them

In the mean time, please let us know which other products are most important for you for the upcoming group buys.


Join our upcoming webinar & learn more about our
Community Group Buying Platform

We will explain and discuss Loadpipe, as well as the products we are currently do group buys on.

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