The $300USD deposit is not a shipping quote. It is a deposit that is used to hold your order until we place the group buy. This deposit will be credited to your order placement, which happens once we confirm the group buy. For the shipping rate, it is not a standard amount and prices vary daily. You can use the calculator below to calculate it, but we will confirm the actual shipping rate once the production is ready.

Note: For the example below, the shipping rate is as of March 27, 2020. Please take note shipping prices are changing daily

** April 22, 2020 rates ***** Here are the latest rates from Fulfillment bridge

New Requirements April 25, 2020 from Fulfillment Bridge

CN Customs under impercipient pressure from overseas are putting more and more restrictions on PPE shipment. We got that first hand from highly ranked officials in CN customs. We expect more rigorous measures to be officially announced toward mid next week that could even ban maks shipments ( similar to the one CN introduced last year during HK riot outbreak).
The following measures will be taken immediately to mitigate risk with regards to ongoing shipments or stock in hand:

  1. Medical words (in Chinese and English) and red cross signs must not appear on the packaging bag, for example, no signs with the words “Medical” or “Surgical” and “Medical” in English;
  2. The FDA and CE EN14683 marks cannot be printed on the product packaging; if the products that are already on shelves have those mentions we will add a label to cover the mention.
  3. The weight limit of KZMPR will be adjusted from 2KG to 0.5KG, which is valid at 10 pm CN time, 2020/04/25.
  4. All mask products need to have a certificate of conformity, and the requirements and template of the certificate are shown in the attachment here
  5. products will have to be properly declared ( in terms of value and number of Masks)
  6. Certificate information must be included: product name, specification model, execution standard, production batch, production date, quality assurance date, ingredient material, manufacturer, production address, quality inspection seal, etc.
  7. Insurance service will be discontinued on Tuesday 28th of April 6PM at China time. Any shipment submitted after this date will not be covered under Fulfillment bridge standard insurance.

We will continue following closely the situation with the customs and share with you any updates as they occur We are sorry for the inconvenience and we rely on your best understanding

*** OLD ***** Fulfillment Bridge has also made a shipping calculator in real time here

Shipping FAQ

What is logic behind less than 3 kg shipment?

To avoid customs issue in USA – this is for US shipments only – EU and CA 30kg+ is fine. This is to protect you, the importer. If you want to do more, you would need a US FDA import and distribution license, else your goods may be confiscated in US customs.

Are these shipped to Fulfillment Bridge’s US warehouse and then they are shipped to our location (Sterling, VA)?

Masks will be stocked in our warehouse in Shenzhen and orders will shipped from there to the recipient’s address.

How about shipping to Australia?

For US and UK we can use our Masks Channel from Our CN warehouse but for Australia unfortunately got no available solution yet from CN.

The only alternative that we have right now is DHL Express from HK warehouse, please check rates in the excel here.
The shipment usually takes 3-5 days, however due to the situation a delay uplifting goods of (2-10 days) may occur.
But as long as the shipment is within 2.5 kg there should be less delay

How about shipping to Hong Kong?

For shipping to HK, it is better to let the supplier if any restrictions, but we recommend using SF Express to ship the goods to us. The reason the DHL doesn’t appear in the calculator is because the warehouse isn’t open to public yet and only some specific clients can use it, we open it for you at Loadpipe to be able to ship to AU and hence offer a complete solution.

How many masks in 3 kg?

Check the spec sheet for each mask listing. It has the amount per carton and the carton weight. It has the amount of masks per carton on the spec sheet.

What is the shipping rate of 3kg to USA?

This is changing daily, but as of March 27, 2020 it would be approximately 80USD. Please download this excel sheet to estimate shipping fee.

Are there any other costs besides shipping which we need to factor-in or incur?

This shipping option is DDP, for US unless the order value is higher than 800 usd there is no extra shipping charges.
For EU, there will be an addition 25% charge based on declared value if order value >25 USD.

For Pick and Pack: 1usd/order + 0.75 for additional Kg. So if order is 2.5kg it will cost 2.5 USD in pick and pack (inclusive of packaging material)

For the Warehousing: it is waived the first month. 
There is reception fee 0.10 usd per item
Labelling fee 0.10 usd (waived if product contain a barcode)

Those are all the fees. For full info, contact Fulfillment Bridge


1. The volume weight will not be considered for KZMPR.
2. Service coverage: As per listed above. No island address is covered.
3. Declared Value:
GB: The declare value should not exceeds 175 USD. When declare value exceeds 20 USD, a 20% of VAT is payable by shipper.
US: It’s duty free when declare value is below 800 USD for a specific consignee of the same address.
EU: We don’t accept any parcels with declare value over 163 USD; When declare value exceeds 24 USD, a 25% of VAT will be levied.
AU: We don’t accept any parcels with declare value over 1000 AUD; If exceeds, a 10% GST will be levied.
CA: DDP services. When declare value exceeds 15 USD, that will be levied 30% of VAT.
4. Product’s weight:
US: not exceed 3 kg.
Remaining countries: not exceed 30 kg.
6. Dimension Limit:
BR: L+W+H≤90cm,the greatest length cannot exceed 60 cm.
ZA: L+W+H≤90cm,the greatest length cannot exceed 60 cm.
Rest countries: Max dimension 60*40*35 cm.
7. Reship service at cost is available in local countries. Reship application need to be done within 14 days upon Fulfillment Bridge notification, returns would be destroyed if no response from seller.
8. Reship cost:
GB: 10 USD/order.
US: 7 USD/order.
European countries: 11 USD/order.
CA: 10USD for the first KG and 2 USD per extra KG


1. All claims should be filed within 60 calendar days after order dispatch from Fulfillment Bridge warehouse.
2. Compensation standard:
When parcel is confirmed lost by Fulfillment Bridge before reaching last mile courier, Fulfillment Bridge will compensate the total shipping cost and product declare value. A maximum compensation shall not exceed 55 USD/order.
When parcel is confirmed lost after reaching last mile courier, Fulfillment Bridge will compensate the product declare value. A maximum compensation shall not exceed 55 USD/order.
3. Claim documents:
a. Confirmed lost after reaching last mile courier:
Screenshot of the refund transaction;
If resend parcel is made, screenshot of the order details, communication between seller and buyer, and tracking number of the resend order are required.
b. Confirmed lost before reaching last mile courier, no claim document is required;
** No compensation available for the delivered order shows on last mile courier’s website but consignee claim for not received.