HS-PM01 External Ear Strap Face Mask Machine

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Ships from: China

The high-speed automatic one-to-two mask machine is a fully automatic disposable plane mask production equipment.

HS-PM01 The external ear belt mask machine can professionally produce disposable flat masks. After processing and production, follow the surgical mask standard Quasi-sterilization can only meet the application requirements.

Common medical masks: composed of three layers of non-woven fabrics:

  • The inner layer is ordinary non-woven fabric;
  • The outer layer is a non-woven fabric with waterproof treatment, which is mainly used to isolate the liquid sprayed by the patient;
  • The middle filter layer uses polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric after electret treatment;

Oxygen ethane disinfection and set aside 7 It is volatile and toxic. After sealed packaging, it is transported away in a box.

Main function

The production line of this equipment is mainly composed of a body machine, a flap conveying line and two earband welding machines.

The mask body sheet is transported to the turning mechanism by the conveyor belt structure. Flip the mask disc to the input connected to the ear strap machine through

On the conveyor belt, the mask piece is transported to the first mask plate on the front of the ear belt machine through the conveyor belt, and finally pressed down

The mask piece is placed in the mask disk of the ear strap machine, and then the ear strap machine completes the welding of the ear straps of the mask to complete a flat

For the production of products with masks, the layout of the automatic line is as shown in the figure below, and the whole line is one-to-two structure.

The line uses PLC , Touch screen control, the main conveyor belt adopts single-phase motor conveying, stepping motor flip, precise transmission Control is stable.

Main features

  • Good welding effect and low failure rate;
  • High production speed, reachable every minute 90-120 Around twenty four Continuous production in hours;
  • computer PLC Programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation;
  • Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste;
  • Friendly man-machine interface, equipment abnormality and shortage alarm, screen guidance to quickly handle abnormalities.

Service Providers Involved

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