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Loadpipe Group Buy 8 – K95 Protective Mask

These are offers for close on Thursday at midnight EST (noon Friday China time)

It has been an intense 8 weeks of group buys and we have learned quite a bit here. Thank you for those who have supported and we are following all the previous group buys closely and know logistics has been quite a massive hassle.

Going forward, we have made some tweaks to the process:

1. Focusing on one product (supplier) per group buy. Having multiple options is more work and more choices. So each group buy we will focus on one. For this week we will be focusing on KN95 masks:

2. Webinar one time, and moving to the end of the weekly group buy – we enjoy having our weekly group buys, and had a great suggestion to have the webinar during the last hour of the group buy as a last chance to ask questions and participate.

With that – this week we have someone in the community we have gotten to know – Cindy – and she has “taken a risk” as she has said to me multiple times and put a big commitment down with a factory she has a good relationship with to make a production order already.

Would you like to help support her and jump in as part of this group buy?

We will have her featured this week and want to work closely with you and her to see if we can support an active community member to share the risk and help all in this supply chain.

Hope to see some of you on the webinar- check the new time this week – 10 am Hong Kong time on Friday, with the group buy ending a couple hours earlier at 11 am HK time.

Join our upcoming webinar & learn more about our
Community Group Buying Platform

We will explain and discuss Loadpipe, as well as the products we are currently do group buys on.

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