Do you see a product on Loadpipe’s catalog that you want to make a purchase with?

Don’t see a product on Loadpipe’s catalog and want to do a group buy?

New Group Buys Based on Requests From Our Buyer Community

We receive chat requests like the below – of people urgent to buy specific products in the Loadpipe catalog, wanting us to offer those to our buyer community to help them achieve the MOQ required.

Becoming a Community Leader To Make This Group Buy Happen

We need all the help in the community we can get. If you are serious about this product, get others in your network to also come in with you on this group buy. We will also share it in the community.

VOTE for it: Place a Deposit & Credit Order On The Product

The way we are able to prioritize which product to put in our upcoming group buys is by seeing how many pre-orders and deposits are made in the product catalog. So cast your “vote” by placing a deposit and credit order on the product(s) you would like to group buy and we will see which products are most urgent to get started in the next group buy.

By going through the “checkout” process for a group buy request – you are making the initial pledge of commitment. Putting the $300 USD deposit is the next step to show that you mean business and want Loadpipe to prioritize this as an upcoming product in the group buy offer.

Any questions, please visit our support page or talk to our live chat representative.