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  • Why can’t I download the certifications and see the factory information before making a deposit?

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Here are some FAQ:

To know if this is actually a good deal, shouldn’t the complete details of the factory be proved ? I would like to do some research on them. I understand that these suppliers were inspected but I’d like to do my own due diligence. Could I run an FDA registry search on one of these suppliers, and then send my own inspectors before placing an order?

​The current terms and conditions of Loadpipe, we do not reveal factory or certificate details until the 300 USD deposit has been made. This is done to protect our sourcing research time and not turn Loadpipe into another B2B website directory. These are vetted factories from our QA team. If the certificates are not qualified you will get your deposit returned. You can make a deposit here. The deposit can be refunded if the certificates or inspection is found to be invalid. This is put in place to avoid window shoppers and ensure we are focusing on and working with serious buyers in our community.

I want to order now. I will buy a large quantity. Do I need to wait to do the group buy for that product?

Loadpipe is meant to be a group buying system. This is meant to pool together “smaller” orders to reach the MOQ required to have a manufacturing run from a factory. If you don’t want to wait for the group buy, your MOQ needs to meet the MOQ of the total group buy quantity. For example, if you see a product you want to purchase straight away, but the group buy has not yet been initiated – you can place the order for the full MOQ amount and “start” the production and order flow process. If your order quantity is not enough, you can talk to a Loadpipe Rep about moving this product up in the timeline to do a group buy campaign for it faster.

I was wondering if you could help me or point me in the right direction to find a large supplier of PPE more specifically Masks but looking for other products too. I know you set up Loadpipe which is great but I also want to buy larger quantities. Which is why id like to find a larger supplier. Hope to hear from you soon.

Yes, we have our Shadstone Sourcing division for larger deals – you can signup for the priority sourcing services here – https://www.shadstone-sourcing.com/priority/ with a sourcing fee deposit and a dedicated account rep will be ready to work with you.

We are interested to buy a product on the Loadpipe platform, but need the certificates before placing the order per our own internal procedures.

The order flow works like this (as of April 1, 2020) – to start the due diligence of a product, please place a $300USD deposit into the Loadpipe system Deposit Page by bank, credit card, or Paypal. Once the deposit has cleared, we can begin to provide the certificates and other details from the manufacturer. We do this to protect the time and seriousness from all members of the Loadpipe supply chain – so we are equally invested in the order. If these certificates are not approved, we can credit the deposit to your account or towards a future order on Loadpipe. Then we can upload the documents on your Loadpipe.com account for you to login and download from any internet connection.

I want to purchase less than the wholesale MOQ required on the product page. Is that possible?

For example, if the MOQ on the product listing is 500 pieces: ​It is possible to buy 100 – 200 pieces but the system is more setup for 500+ – the price will be a bit higher if that is ok – did you see the price in your shopping cart (I think it isn’t displayed on the product page as we are encouraging 500+ orders).

For clarification – What will be the process for the importation of these items from the manufacturer to us? Can you rundown to us the details…thanks

We collect payment from group buyers, then make agreement from Loadpipe’s parent company to the factory to start production. Once the production is ready, we will upload all files from QC check to those who are in the group buy. We work with shipping companies to help you get your shipping setup, or you can choose your own logistics. At this moment in the flow, we are not involved in the import process, but can answer any questions to you / your imports broker on the product info or classification

How do you handle the logistics? Say people from all over the world group buy together factory direct on big order. Does the factory break it up and ship direct to each buyer at different price point? (as shipping is different cost for each customer)

For now – we are shipping to a logistics center in China that will split it and then send out worldwide. The location of the logistics center and the service provider depends on the product / deal. Each product listing will list out the logistics service and details. For full information on the shipping, we made a dedicated page on it here.

Before placing the order and paying the deposit, I’d like to know when the goods will be produced. You mentioned 7-10 days below, but I didn’t see that on the website. And is it even possible to predict a ship date or is it designed so that people know they just have to wait until the group has enough buyers to meet the MOQ? Once the MOQ is met, how long to ship out?

We are trying to make it as clear as possible on the deadline to fill the order volume required to start the group buy. For example, on the 3 masks we have, we are targeting having it placed by March 31, 2020 so that we do not have risk of the factory increasing the price (as their quote is valid until then). From there, it will be a 7 to 10 business days to produce and then ship. Add a few more days for logistics in China and then add the international shipping and customs times. We will use the Loadpipe ordering interface to upload documents and be as transparent as possible to the buyers throughout the process from the QC reports to the logistics reports to shipping confirmation.

Can you please upgrade our account to allow us to see distributor & wholesale price both?

We show all price levels on the account, but in order to get higher volume pricing you need to click the “upgrade” to get approval.

What is logic behind less than 3 kg shipment for masks to the US market?

Please see our shipping page for most up to date Q&A on shipping.

Are these shipped to FulfillmentBridge’s US warehouse and then they are shipped to our location.

Please see our shipping page for most up to date Q&A on shipping

What is the brand and UPC?

For our group buy – we need to decide. Packaging MOQ is 50,000 pieces and the idea is a generic packaging or Loadpipe.

Can we get more photographs before-hand?

Yes we will add more photos this weekend.

Can these have our brand/UPC?

For branded packaging, you can if you order 50,000 MOQ. For UPC, no MOQ – we can stick it on.

What could be shipping cost for 3 kg?

Please see our shipping page for most up to date Q&A on shipping

How many mask in 3 kg?

Please check the carton weight on the spec sheet for each mask.  For example, the carton of KN95 with valve is 480 pieces that weighs 8.3 KG so that means 1 piece weighs .017291667 KG – which is 173.493972559 masks for 3kg

Are there any other costs besides shipping which we need to factor-in or incur?

Please see our shipping page for most up to date Q&A on shipping

Join us on this private beta journey

Those with stock or a factory:
Anyone who has stock that they want to sell – please add me and our team and we can review your case. If all is confirmed, we can add your product to the group buy site.
Currently we are dedicated to COVID-19 supplies due to the pandemic. After this pandemic, we will review other product requests. Please fill out this form.

Those who want to buy:
We will give you a free account on loadpipe.com so long as you are qualified and you will then be able to see the current products, the price, and the terms. Please apply here for private beta access.

Those who want to be an agent / logistics / quality control / sourcing
We are adding agents, logistics, QC companies to the specific products where they are prepared to stand by the product. Meaning, if they are the company that will represent it (agent), ship it (logistics company), or confirm it (quality control) we will clearly state that on the product listing. If you would like to do these services for products either you have sources for, or products where we need these sources, please fill out this form

How Does Loadpipe Work?

We are in private beta right now – but here are the main steps

Step 1: Create an account
This group buy network is a member’s only platform. We do this to ensure those participating in the orders are vetted and that the information in the group buying system is private.

Step 2: Review Current Group buying deals
Once in your account, you will be able to browse current offers of group buying deals. These are vetted products from our network of QC and sourcing agents. You can select the product to read more about the information of the product, as well as ask questions to a Loadpipe rep.

Step 3: Secure Your Order In Time
If you see a product you are interested in ordering from the factory, you can confirm your order. Currently, no payment is received immediately, we are simply confirming your order so that we can confirm if we will do this group buy or not.

Step 4: Order Confirmed, Payments Made
Depending on your order size and the terms of the deal, you will now need to confirm you order with a payment. Depending on your order size, it will be from 30% to 100% of your order quantity, plus an estimate of shipping fee.

Step 5: View The Order Flow
Now for the real benefit of Loadpipe. You will be able to follow along the order from payment to production to inspection to shipment. We understand your need to view the status, and as a participant in the group buy, you will be able to view this order and engage with the process.

Step 6: Follow Order Through To Door (and Beyond)
Continue to get email alerts as well as logging in to the Loadpipe system to see the status. Even after the goods have been delivered, you can followup with the Loadpipe system on the post-delivery questions.

Summary: Buy From Factory Direct As a Group
Enable the power of a community, pricing power, quality control, and clear communication.