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Loadpipe Group Buy 7 – Taiwan Masks + China Shipping

These are offers for close on Thursday at midnight EST (noon Friday China time)

The theme for this week’s group buy it getting into the world of Taiwan manufacturing. In our community, Brendan has been working with a great manufacturer of washable cloth masks and has been kind enough to offer that to our Loadpipe community.

Here’s the info:

We’ll also talk about the experience he had buying from Taiwan and shipping to USA last week on the webinar (basically, very smooth!)

The second item we have this week for the Loadpipe group buy number 7 is China logistics to Los Angeles. A bunch of buyers have been asking to help share the shipping together as a group – and we have a few logistics agents in the community who would love to work with you.

Loadpipe Listing coming soon

We are preparing various options and rates and the more of you who buy together, the more we all save!

More to be discussed on the weekly webinar, same times as usual.

Let’s have a great week!

Join our upcoming webinar & learn more about our
Community Group Buying Platform

We will explain and discuss Loadpipe, as well as the products we are currently do group buys on.

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