Cargo Plane – Shanghai to Berlin

  • Made in: China
  • Ships from: China

Normal Retail Price: $1,200,000.00

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Sold By:Action Air Charter

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Ships from: China

From our experience, we are saving money on our shipping and can fight any air freight offer when cargo volume is 100-120Cbm or more.
That is around 4,000,000 3ply mask or 1,100,000 KN95 (EU as destination)

Do you want to book a private cargo plane?

Shipping a large quantity and want to save money by booking a plane direct?

Then Action Air Charter is your place!

We have the planes and routes you need to load up your cargo and get it to where you need to go – faster and more direct than normal logistics services.

How does it work?

Let us know from which point to the destination point. We also need to know the cargo details, the product category, the CBM (cubic meters) and the gross weight (KG) and we will calculate the shipping.

Two Ways To Use This Service

Option 1:
You have your products and book the entire flight. You have the volume and the supplier all set and simply need to book the entire plane on your own or with a group of others. As far as splitting the plane with others and adding all their cargo. This is complicated as each type of product and supplier needs to clear customs, so please speak to us about how many different people will be sharing this cargo plane with you, the amount of different suppliers, and if all documentation will be ready in time to clear customs. We do not want to hold up the plane and we do not want you to miss your flight due to paperwork problems.

Option 2:
You want to use this cargo charter flight with your group buy of products. This is for those who are buying from a current factory direct group buy, and are going to the same country. We can assist you in locking in the cargo flight for your amount and if enough group buyers from the supplier are going to that country, we can assist in getting the documents and customs setup for that flight and load everything up together.

How does booking work?
We can get a quote within a day and it can be valid for up to 1 week. The deposit of 10% of the plane must be made to “lock in” an exact date, and is refundable up to 6 days before that flight takeoff. Once 5 days to the flight has arrived, we need to collect the remaining 90% of the flight in order to hold this plane, else we will lose the 10% deposit.

To summarize:
We can get a quote and it is valid for 7 days. To confirm the flight, 100% of the plane needs to be paid 5 days before the departure date. 10% deposit will receive the plane up to 6 days in advance (or even further in advance)

Service Providers Involved

Information For All Loadpipe Product Listings

All factories will have proper certificates, and you will receive a copy of the certificate after placing this order and making the deposit. Keep in mind, we are buying from multiple factories and due to the high demand, we may have to switch factories.

To confirm and reserve your order, you need to put a deposit of $300USD. If the order is not filled, we will refund your deposit. But if the order does go through, and you do not make the remainder of the payment, your deposit will be allocated towards the order. So make sure you are serious about ordering these.

About the Deposit
Once you place your order, you will not be required to pay upfront. We will ask a $300 USD deposit to be made to hold your order. This deposit will be applied to your order once the payment is due (when the group buy has ended successfully).

Current status Private Beta

Friday March 27, 2020 we opened up the private beta of the group buying site Request an account and then let me know so we can approve it for you. Only approving those in our immediate network as of now.

  • MOQ as low as 500 pieces, but check the product for quantity MOQ and pricing breaks.
  • Shipping to US, EU, CA we have a solution we are confident to use, but each air shipment must be 3KG or less. Can split larger orders to those. You are welcome to use your own shipping. Shipping will be charged after order placed.
  • Payment upfront is not required but this payment will be due on successful completion of the group buy order quantity reached.
  • Default user level is wholesaler where MOQs are only 500.
  • Basic IT installed, any bugs or feature requests please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I pay?

Loadpipe is a subsidiary of Shadstone Limited – which is also the owner of Global From Asia. We have a Hong Kong company bank and a Shenzhen company bank (Shadstone Imp & Exp Shenzhen Co. Ltd). We will collect the various payments and then allocate the deal with the factory to ensure the order is confirmed.

How long will it take?

Once all orders are collected, we will place the order and it usually takes up to 10 business days to produce. If you use our shipping partner solution – then we will ship your order, by air, which we can quote you on a case by case basis.

How do I pay?

Depending on the order size, but in most B2B transactions due to fees – bank transfer to HK or China is the preferred method. If you are doing small wholesale order, we can consider Paypal or Credit Card but have to pass on the FX and processing fees due to our slim margins.

Will the shipping work?

We are partnering with various shipping companies and they are confident and have methods to get it to ship. Before it ships we will be extremely clear the rates, and you can check current rates here

Have more questions?

Read our full FAQ here.

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