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Shipping Update for Order 1, & update to Group Buy 2

There are quite a few updates and I am sending group buy order 1 email (closed last Friday) updates together with group buy order 2 (closing this Friday at midnight NY time) updates

Many of our first group buy have been anxiously awaiting the shipping update, some wanting to use their own shipping companies and others wanting to be re-assured their order will reach them. I have been talking to our shipping partner on this group buy, Fulfillment Bridge, and they have worked something pretty amazing per my request. They have gotten insurance on all our shipments of up to $1,000 USD per shipment if the goods are seized or stolen, etc at various borders. I really appreciate their efforts to make a solution like this and later today I will be working with them and the others in the Loadpipe team to get you a quotation for these shipments.

For this second group buy, we added a COVID-19 test kit to it per the request of one of our members. Working with our sourcing agent partner, Antoine, from FABCO, he had asked us to remove this product from the group buy as the factory has become unreasonable – with higher MOQ and prices doubling.

We are under very special pandemic times, and I want you to know we are doing everything in your best interest. To protect you, our valued members.

Also we are adding another N95 mask this week, this is in stock, and from our community member Fredrik in Shenzhen.

To see this second group buy offer, please click here 999

*** Please join us in this week’s Loadpipe Group Buy Webinar 2 *** We really enjoy talking with you in a group online meeting environment, and have 2 different times to accommodate different schedules and timezones – please check the times and RSVP here. We will talk about things that have been happening and as always – be fully transparent even when it is hardest to do so.

Let’s all be leaders in our community, do the right thing, and we are in this together.


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