2019-nCov Antibody Detection Kit

  • Made in: China
  • Ships from: China

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Ships from: China

Group Buy MOQ: 20,000 pieces

Note from supplier April 15, 2020

1. The factory stands behind their quality and will refund for quality issues even once it is in home country and in use.

2. It is going through EUA and FDA – and if you place an order – payment isn’t needed -but lock in with a small commitment such as a Loadpipe deposit on it, the price and terms and your priority once this takes off, will be held.

3. Can order samples for now, as Chinese government has really locked down the export of test kits. Can send them out next week.

4. Can start to make a contract, it will take 1 week, and send out samples.

Note from supplier April 4, 2020

The latest information about novel coronavirus Test kits is as follows:

1. CFDA will be completed within 1 to 2 weeks. The products will be in the list of the national standard of the kit.

2. Overseas logistics distribution points will be set up to solve the problem of slow transportation pressure, and logistics transfer warehouses will be set up in Hong Kong, Dubai, Romania, Cambodia and other places within at least two weeks to solve the transportation problem of fast arrival.

3. EUA will be in this week if there is no accident

4. The test reports of our products in some overseas national virus research institutes will come out and will get it soon.

Note from Supplier, April 1, 2020

We suggest the potential client to give us PO first with the condition of “getting EUA” certificate approval.

that will help lock in this current price in the future.

Romania will nominate this test kit to be the designed test kit. We will get the official letter from the factory.

This test kit factory said might get the US FDA “EUA” this week or early next week.

If so, prices will be increase due to spike in demand.

Product Specifications

Product Full name: COVID-19 IgM/IgG (colloidal gold method) test kit
Brand: Neo-Nostics
Company: Neo-Nostics(Suzhou) Bioengineering Co.,LTD
Daily Production Quantity: 500,000 daily production capacity.

About Supplier:
Neo Nostics (Suzhou) Bioengineering Co., Ltd. which was established in 2015, is a professional company specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing advanced medical instruments and in-vitro medical diagnostic products. Our products are usually used for fertility tests, infectious diseases tests, drugs of abuse tests, alcohol saliva test, urinalysis reagent strips, cardiac marker tests, tumor marker tests, food and safety tests and animal disease tests.We utilize advanced engineering techniques and a strong design team to help you utilize our unique retail brand. We have the ability to provide quality products with simple-to-use formats that provide consistent product performance, translating it into value for you and your customers.
the covid-19 test kit has followings advantages:

1.the test kit is used in the Wuhan first hospital where is the epidemic centre in China,’s the product has used in patients and has hospital report (see the attachment file)
3. It’s the product has FDA register (EUA will be got within 10 days) and CE certificate
4. the factory will guarantee that if it is not meet the standards, the factory will do the exchange or refund.
5. the rapid test take 15 minutes to get the results

Video of Product

Product FAQs

How has the kit been used?

A fast home test, 10 – 15 minutes.

Is it used in China?

Yes, during Wuhan tragedy.

Reliability rate?


Service Providers Involved

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  • MOQ as low as 500 pieces, but check the product for quantity MOQ and pricing breaks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I pay?

Loadpipe is a subsidiary of Shadstone Limited – which is also the owner of Global From Asia. We have a Hong Kong company bank and a Shenzhen company bank (Shadstone Imp & Exp Shenzhen Co. Ltd). We will collect the various payments and then allocate the deal with the factory to ensure the order is confirmed.

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Once all orders are collected, we will place the order and it usually takes up to 10 business days to produce. If you use our shipping partner solution – then we will ship your order, by air, which we can quote you on a case by case basis.

How do I pay?

Depending on the order size, but in most B2B transactions due to fees – bank transfer to HK or China is the preferred method. If you are doing small wholesale order, we can consider Paypal or Credit Card but have to pass on the FX and processing fees due to our slim margins.

Will the shipping work?

We are partnering with various shipping companies and they are confident and have methods to get it to ship. Before it ships we will be extremely clear the rates, and you can check current rates here

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  1. wendy

    what is the maximum daily production capacity?

  2. Info

    500,000 daily production capacity.

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