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Order 1 Updates in Transit & Special Bonus

Just to work as hard as possible to be transparent – the shipment is on the way from the supplier to the logistics center – Fulfillment Bridge – in Shenzhen. From Chao

The SF tracking number is 

SF 108 858 950 0927

And shipments should leave Shenzhen to overseas on Friday. Then there will be additional tracking numbers.

I just want to be as open as I can – while I knew these masks would be hard when we decided to launch Loadpipe in late March 2020, I really didn’t expect it to get this crazy. I really appreciate all your trust and support with us during this time.

As a thank you bonus, I want to make a special offer – I will give all of those who made a buy in order of group buy 1 or group buy 2 a free one year membership to our private community

What is in the membership? 

We have monthly “round table” mastermind style calls – and tonight – Thursday April 16, 2020 we have one at 7pm HK time. Where we are open to each other about what we are doing.

Also has a private forum, has about 6 of my online courses about HK business, Amazon, SEO, and “Global From Asia” flagship course. Plus special deals and offers to GFAVIP members only. 

Some of you are already members, so I will extend your membership for 1 year for free.

This is just a quick thank you and another bonus idea I had to show my appreciation.

If you’d like this offer (want to make sure you’d use it) – just reply to this email and say “yes, I’m in” and I’ll add you to the GFAVIP members forum where you will get full access to all my online courses, and notifications about new member calls and opportunities.

4 thoughts on “Order 1 Updates in Transit & Special Bonus

  1. Order Update – Cargo Plane On the Way

    Dear name,

    The last few weeks have been a true rollercoaster of emotions and wits. From the QC, the splitting of shipments to various orders, to SF Express waiting days to pickup goods from the supplier to take to the logistics center – to processing the inbound shipments, checking addresses and updating addresses for some of you.

    We see the value in what we are doing. This is the exact reason we are here – to take this headache and streamline it.

    Of course this COVID-19 supply chain has only been exponentially getting more challenging in April.

    Many are individually messaging me – and it is received in the cargo plane yesterday. Our shipping partner Fulfillment Bridge has processed it since late last week and each day there were new items and updates such as the amount to declare on the shipments to how to deal with packaging.

    The supplier put 30 in a box instead of the 20 – for example.

    I can go through all the issues, but the final result is – it has left China on a private cargo plane. Even DHL and others are rejecting masks right now from the insights I am hearing.

    Plus you are insured of the goods do no make it.

    But we are confident they will.

    To set expectations, and align – I would say end of next week – the end of April – you should be receiving the goods. Maybe a few days later than we expected -but as we always said:

    Group buy was placed on Friday April 3
    7 to 10 business days to produce.
    It took a few more days than expected to re-package the cartons for the various orders and labeling
    THANK YOU INSIGHT QUALITY , and INO for everything and staying with us during this challenge.
    Ship to Fulfillment Bridge
    SF Express for days didn’t pick up some of the shipments.
    Process at Fulfillment Bridge, deal with re-filing the cases as the amount per carton was different.
    Dealing with customs declarations
    Booking cargo plane shipment.

    So that is the status. I’ll be honest, we never had much profit margin on these – and looking at the numbers Loadpipe may even take a loss – as shipping has increased since quoting you, and there were a lot of other fees and issues to deal with.

    I cannot wait until you receive your masks, and I truly hope it can help save lives or at the least prevent further spreading of this nightmare virus.

    This is just the beginning and thanks again for being part of it.

    Tracking numbers should be emailed to your loadpipe email account in the last 12 hours. If not, please let us know in your Loadpipe messaging system.

    And please join us for the weekly webinar – – same times as the last week.

    Will make them more interactive, less powerpoint – but showing products and answering questions.

    Register now for the Loadpipe Webinar for Group buy 4.


  2. A lot of you have been asking for an update, and those who picked the Fulfillment option. – and I reached out to Fulfillment Bridge on it as well. The cargo is in Hong Kong waiting to be loaded on a plane. There is a massive backlog. If you look up your tracking numbers you will see that status.

    What does that mean? Yes, this is all very frustrating and it means that once it leaves the Hong Kong airport it will be 5 to 8 days to arrive to its final destination.

    I do not like being the messenger, but I also want to keep everyone updated on the situation so you can also plan accordingly.

    Also – huge updates were made by Fulfillment Bridge on Saturday night. We have added it to the shipping page, but are also recommending you read it as well The market is getting crazier and crazier and harder and harder each day.

  3. Many of you have been asking about the status of the shipments as for many of your order tracking it is showing they are in US customs still since last week.

    Fulfillment Bridge is following this closely and you can also know this is their emails Ismael and Oussema the client services team there.

    It has also been brought to my attention from one of our Loadpipe community buyers in UK that their goods were shipped in a bag and not a box, and she received them like the images attached

    Discussing this with Fulfillment Bridge, they say this is how they ship the products as a shipping company – in bags and not boxes to keep the weight down. And that if we wanted to make sure the boxes were not damaged we could have asked to have additional packaging be wrapped on the boxes or asked the factory to put them in more reinforceable boxes.

    I am still in shock about this – as this was a specific service the company set up to ship masks. The boxes of masks are not meant to be outer shipping cartons.

    Knowing this now, we are working on solutions for those who receive them in this way – the solution now is sending the packaging design files for the boxes to be printed in a local shop in your area if you need to use the boxes.

    Again, I am not sure if we were clear either – but Loadpipe lost money on this shipment. The cost of the shipping increased in the 2 weeks it took to get the goods to Fulfillment Bridge, and because we quoted you 2 weeks earlier and you had pay, Loadpipe didn’t want to come to you and ask for any more shipping fees and we ate the difference.

    Just being as transparent as possible about all of this to you so that you are fully aware.

    I just learned about this about 15 hours ago and prepared this update to you. Want to be transparent as much as possible and we are here with you.

  4. Here’s the latest

    The reason some are in US customs still is the postal system is so backed up they can’t fit it in their warehouse

    An update from Fulfillment Bridge:

    You’re welcome.

    Out of 99 shipments from your account, 7 have been delivered, and 1 should be delivered today.

    The others are waiting for USPS to pick them up, the problem is both USPS and FedEx warehouses are completely full, so they won’t pick up any new packages until they spare enough space.

    For new enquiries could you pls contact us at

    Best regards,

    So that is exactly what I am receiving – some orders have been received, so if you have not received it yet, I believe next week it must arrive.

    Keep me posted

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