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Order 1 Shipping Quotes Sent & Requests To Buy Your Stock

We have just gotten the shipping quotes and sent them to you via private message Loadpipe system. If you did not receive it or do not understand it, or any other questions please let us know.

Once we get the stock in USA or your end country – those who took part in the group buy, would you be interested in us sending you customers to purchase some of your product?

We are already getting inquiries and they do not want to wait to buy from China – so once you receive your shipment, you can send to them directly.

If interested, please let us know.

How it works:
This is a new concept, and we are testing – so it is a bit manual.

Let me know if you have a website they can buy from, or if you’d prefer they email you and work out a deal.

Loadpipe is not involved in this transaction, it is between you and the buyer. We are simply trying to support the ecosystem, as well as help people who urgently need masks to get them in a timely fashion. The price you charge is your business decision, but because there is COVID19 pandemic happening we hope you can be reasonable to those who are using it for medical workers.

Open to any suggestions as well.

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