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More Interactive “Show & Tell” Live Webinars

Engage & Connect With Us & The Products – Loadpipe Webinar Reminder

So we are entering our fourth group buy and our fifth or so webinar.

These webinars I will admit have gotten dry for me to do – and so this week we will try a different way.

It will be more like a “live show and tell”.

I have some of the products here with me, and we will demo them on the webinar.

Of course the main product for this week’s group buy

But also some coming soon.

And we want you to show your product too! If you have a product you would like to add to the upcoming Loadpipe group buy – we would love to have you share your camera on the live webinar and show us what you got!

The future of Loadpipe is this – social, community, group buying with these live webinars regularly.

Look forward to seeing you there.

I’ll be wearing something special. (No, I’m not getting naked, so don’t ask….)

Lock in your seat now at


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