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More Interactive “Show & Tell” Live Webinars

Engage & Connect With Us & The Products – Loadpipe Webinar Reminder

So we are entering our fourth group buy and our fifth or so webinar.

These webinars I will admit have gotten dry for me to do – and so this week we will try a different way.

It will be more like a “live show and tell”.

I have some of the products here with me, and we will demo them on the webinar.

Of course the main product for this week’s group buy

But also some coming soon.

And we want you to show your product too! If you have a product you would like to add to the upcoming Loadpipe group buy – we would love to have you share your camera on the live webinar and show us what you got!

The future of Loadpipe is this – social, community, group buying with these live webinars regularly.

Look forward to seeing you there.

I’ll be wearing something special. (No, I’m not getting naked, so don’t ask….)

Lock in your seat now at


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Order 1 Updates in Transit & Special Bonus

Just to work as hard as possible to be transparent – the shipment is on the way from the supplier to the logistics center – Fulfillment Bridge – in Shenzhen. From Chao

The SF tracking number is 

SF 108 858 950 0927

And shipments should leave Shenzhen to overseas on Friday. Then there will be additional tracking numbers.

I just want to be as open as I can – while I knew these masks would be hard when we decided to launch Loadpipe in late March 2020, I really didn’t expect it to get this crazy. I really appreciate all your trust and support with us during this time.

As a thank you bonus, I want to make a special offer – I will give all of those who made a buy in order of group buy 1 or group buy 2 a free one year membership to our private community

What is in the membership? 

We have monthly “round table” mastermind style calls – and tonight – Thursday April 16, 2020 we have one at 7pm HK time. Where we are open to each other about what we are doing.

Also has a private forum, has about 6 of my online courses about HK business, Amazon, SEO, and “Global From Asia” flagship course. Plus special deals and offers to GFAVIP members only. 

Some of you are already members, so I will extend your membership for 1 year for free.

This is just a quick thank you and another bonus idea I had to show my appreciation.

If you’d like this offer (want to make sure you’d use it) – just reply to this email and say “yes, I’m in” and I’ll add you to the GFAVIP members forum where you will get full access to all my online courses, and notifications about new member calls and opportunities.

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Group buy Order 2 update (More Masks)

A quick group buy order 2 update 

Thank you again for your trust and support on the closed beta group buy system in Loadpipe. It means a lot to me and the entire Loadpipe team.

Many have been asking the status:

If you ordered the 3ply or the KN95 – we were able to get that shipment combined with the first group buy – saving you the 7 to 10 day production time.

Yes, amazing – and you’re welcome!

Those in the group buy who ordered the N95, that is in stock and we are having it picked up from the supplier’s warehouse today or tomorrow and then shipped out from Shenzhen, China later this week. 

Tracking numbers will be entered by the end of this week so you can check the status online.

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Group Buy Order 1 Updates – Shipment processing at Fulfillment Facility in China

Many have been asking in various chats and Loadpipe Order messages- so I feel a blog post for the Loadpipe community members is most suited.

The first group buy was successfully filled on Friday April 3, 2020, Thank you for those who collaborated and trusted us. The order was placed. The lead time was set to 7 to 10 days (not including Sundays) which means it would be ready to leave the factory facility between Monday April 13 to Thursday April 16, 2020 to be exported.

Saturday April 4, 2020 – Ino from Insight Quality showed a couple photos of the stock and got all of us excited.

The week of April 6 – 10 we were coordinating the QC check of the goods (check your order history notes if you are in group buy for the PDF) and also breaking down the shipment to the various group buy orders. This was a bit complex, and new for all of us – as larger buyers do not need to split the shipments into various shipments. The Loadpipe team (Mike) and Ino (Insight Quality) and Kais and his team (Fulfillment Bridge) were coordinating throughout the week to get the weights, dimensions, QC, certificates, and best methods to get the goods shipped out.

Monday April 13, 2020 the KN95 mask shipments left the supplier’s facility, and Tuesday April 14 the 3ply are going. actually the goods are in Yiwu, at Insight Quality’s warehouse. They split up the boxes to the 2 KG size requirement of Fulfillment Bridge and also prepared them for each of our group buyers. It was sent by truck to Shenzhen for Fulfillment Bridge to process. I was also personally nervous that shipments would be lost, and Fulfillment Bridge offered insurance to our group buyers for up to $1000 use per shipment – which covers that shipment (as each shipment is 2KG of masks which is less than that value).

That helped me push forward and be more confident to have our group buy go through.

It was so nerve racking for me. I want to get you all the orders, but I also want to make sure it actually arrives!

Some opted for using their own UPS account or other shipping companies. This also added to the complexity of the order as we had to ask and confirm and collect payment for different shipping companies and buyers.

Latest – the goods are on the way as I type this to Fulfillment Bridge in Shenzhen and will be processed there. Once it is processed there will be tracking numbers, and Loadpipe will collect those and send the tracking numbers to each person’s Loadpipe buyer account.

On Tuesday April 14, the 3 ply are shipping to the fulfillment center.

It has been a bit of a manual process more than expected – but we appreciate all your support and patience. We are a startup, and combined with the rapid and stressful changes of PPE exports from China, we want to always remember you for your support.

As always, we are here to answer questions and concerns.

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Order 1 Shipping Quotes Sent & Requests To Buy Your Stock

We have just gotten the shipping quotes and sent them to you via private message Loadpipe system. If you did not receive it or do not understand it, or any other questions please let us know.

Once we get the stock in USA or your end country – those who took part in the group buy, would you be interested in us sending you customers to purchase some of your product?

We are already getting inquiries and they do not want to wait to buy from China – so once you receive your shipment, you can send to them directly.

If interested, please let us know.

How it works:
This is a new concept, and we are testing – so it is a bit manual.

Let me know if you have a website they can buy from, or if you’d prefer they email you and work out a deal.

Loadpipe is not involved in this transaction, it is between you and the buyer. We are simply trying to support the ecosystem, as well as help people who urgently need masks to get them in a timely fashion. The price you charge is your business decision, but because there is COVID19 pandemic happening we hope you can be reasonable to those who are using it for medical workers.

Open to any suggestions as well.

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Shipping Update for Order 1, & update to Group Buy 2

There are quite a few updates and I am sending group buy order 1 email (closed last Friday) updates together with group buy order 2 (closing this Friday at midnight NY time) updates

Many of our first group buy have been anxiously awaiting the shipping update, some wanting to use their own shipping companies and others wanting to be re-assured their order will reach them. I have been talking to our shipping partner on this group buy, Fulfillment Bridge, and they have worked something pretty amazing per my request. They have gotten insurance on all our shipments of up to $1,000 USD per shipment if the goods are seized or stolen, etc at various borders. I really appreciate their efforts to make a solution like this and later today I will be working with them and the others in the Loadpipe team to get you a quotation for these shipments.

For this second group buy, we added a COVID-19 test kit to it per the request of one of our members. Working with our sourcing agent partner, Antoine, from FABCO, he had asked us to remove this product from the group buy as the factory has become unreasonable – with higher MOQ and prices doubling.

We are under very special pandemic times, and I want you to know we are doing everything in your best interest. To protect you, our valued members.

Also we are adding another N95 mask this week, this is in stock, and from our community member Fredrik in Shenzhen.

To see this second group buy offer, please click here 999

*** Please join us in this week’s Loadpipe Group Buy Webinar 2 *** We really enjoy talking with you in a group online meeting environment, and have 2 different times to accommodate different schedules and timezones – please check the times and RSVP here. We will talk about things that have been happening and as always – be fully transparent even when it is hardest to do so.

Let’s all be leaders in our community, do the right thing, and we are in this together.


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Order1 Update April 5, 2020

Thank you again for your trust and support in the first Loadpipe Group Buy. We are in production now and plan to ship later this week.

If you have fully paid for your product, no need for action at this moment.

If you have a partial payment outstanding, please get in touch with us to settle that to avoid any delays in shipping your goods.

We are getting shipping quotes and will get that information added to your order notes page in your “My Account” section.

Here are some updates:

This is Ino, from Insight Quality, visiting the factory and production for our products

And a bit of a release from all this stress, James Sung shared this in one of our Global From Asia Wechat groups

Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact support or reply to me here.

Register For The Next Webinar This Week And Learn About the Next Group Buy

Onwards and upwards,


Michael Michelini
Global From Asia, Founder
Loadpipe Pilot

P.S. Please any questions or concerns, let us know. We are here to work with you to make this a success during these troubling times.