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First Offer Recap Newsletter

Thank you for all the amazing support, questions, orders, and feedback.

I know this is the first time, for you, and for me – but nothing in life that is new and first is easy or straightforwarrd.

We are working hard to answer your questions, I am on live chat support as much as I can be alongside our team.

Here are some questions:

When will my 300 USD deposit be refunded / credited? The deposit is what we are asking when you make this first order to hold your order. It will be applied to the remaining balance due when the group buy has been confirmed later this week. We now have a deposits page, where you can see your credits, how you have used the credits, and your current balance here.

How much is shipping? Yes, a very common question. We are working with our logistics ally who has been doing this for years and has a dedicated masks logistics service, Fulfillment Bridge (thanks Christopher Moore for connecting us). Read all about the shipping rates and policies here.

* We are in this TOGETHER. Again, the main point of Loadpipe is YOU ARE NOT alone. Once order is placed, our team will keep you updated in the Loadpipe system with updates and attachments from QC reports, to status checks, to logistics details and more. We are a community.

More and more rapid developments coming – such as – those who buy these masks – we will help you list them / sell them in your end country. We can list your stock (your choice) and help you get more buyers to distribute where you are. As many do not want to buy from China, you can be their agent. This is developing quickly, and we are happy to support our early adopters (you!) make the most of this.

We hope to keep you informed through this process of helping you all get factory direct products in a group buy community environment.

We have the masks ready to start production and need to lock in your orders this week.

Now – also forget the last chance to lock in your order for the group buy masks we are doing….

If you have placed your order already, we will be updating you on the order status by Thursday – we are 80% there….

See it before it’s gone….

To View the Offer and Timeframe

Now – also don’t forget the last chance to order for these masks until we get some more capacity from other productions..

This limited time offer goes away in:

Now is the time to act if you want to leverage our knowledge & experience to grow your business – on Amazon and off.

Hundreds of people around the world have built successful businesses in our community and we are looking forward to growing with you.

If they can do it, so can you!

– Mike

Michael Michelini
Global From Asia, Founder
Loadpipe Pilot

P.S. Please any questions or concerns, let us know. We are here to work with you to make this a success during these troubling times.
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First Group Buy Due April 1: Masks

April 1 Offer: Masks

Read about the April 1 Offer of mask group buy

Order must be placed by Midnight April 1, 2020 New York time (EST) to lock in your order and start production.